This page contains a sampling of projects that Ledin Engineering has completed over the past few years. Some projects are open source and links to the source code are provided.

Android FIR Filter Designer

The Android FIR Filter Designer app designs minimal-order finite impulse response (FIR) digital filters based on performance specifications you provide. The application attempts to find the lowest order (smallest) set of FIR filter coefficients that satisfies the given specifications. The generated filter has approximately unity (0 dB) gain in the passband.

The output of the design procedure is a list of double-precision filter coefficients (Text output option) or an implementation of the filter in C/C++, C#, Java or MATLAB/GNU Octave source code. This output is formatted into an email you can send to any recipients.

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Real-Time Simulation Protocol

The Real-Time Simulation Protocol is a package of C++ source code and tools that enables high-performance real-time distributed simulation across a TCP/IP network.

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